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  • Signed-up over 3,000 members in all 50 states and over a dozen members in 8 countries!

  • Established our first members-only Kemet Club in Atlanta, GA

  • Recycled over $400,000 directly back into the Black Community

  • Raised over $50,000 toward our Little Kemet Retreat

  • Established a critical partnership with Dr. Ray Hagins and the Afrikan Village

What Your $9 Has Accomplished Since June 2020!

We have only been collecting monthly contributions since June 2020, which was during the height of Covid-19. We now have over 3,000 members - in all 50 states and 8 countries. We started with monthly contributions totaling less than $200. I am absolutely astounded by what we have accomplished with $9 a month - and $18, $27, $36 a month from many of you! 


We have recycled nearly 70% of every dollar of these contributions back into the Black community. We also have raised over $50,000 in cash towards our Little Kemet Member’s Retreat. To top it off, we opened our very first Members-only Kemet Club in Atlanta, GA in 2022 and are already expanding! Below is a list of our Achievements by Program Department:




  • BAF Little Kemet Membership Retreat - We have raised over $50,000 toward our first collective real estate development - a sprawling BAF member’s retreat with all the bells and whistles. 

  • BAF Real Estate Investment Fund - We are currently raising $500,000 to begin collectively investing in multifamily residential and commercial real estate in Black communities (gentrifying our own neighborhoods!) To make a donation visit:

  • Projects - Freedom, GA Initiative - The BAF worked with a group of 19-family and friends who purchased 404 acres of land to build a Black oasis in Georgia. We contributed $10k to clear a portion of the land for development. The project is ongoing. For more information visit: 




  • Free Standing on the Shoulders of Giants African history curriculum through Education for Life Academy. This pioneering online curriculum for grades 5+ begins with the origins of humanity in Africa over 200,000 years ago, not slavery. The curriculum features 20 classes that feature primary source material, maps, timelines, hundreds of vivid images, DNA analysis, documentaries, etc. Each class contains a 10-question quiz. Pass the quiz and receive a printable EFLA Certificate of Completion! (

  • Missing Pages of World History Lecture Series in Honor of Dr. John Henrik Clarke (10 classes) Sept - Dec. This special lecture series, led by BAF Founder and historian, Arkee Hodges, chronicles world history from its origins in Africa to the end of Pharaonic Egypt/Kemet.

  • Live Black History Classes! Throughout the year we provide live classes on a range of topics in Black history and culture. Live classes have included:

    • The Haitian Revolution

    • The Story Black Wall Street (Documentary and Discussion)

    • Marcus Garvey and the U.N.I.A.

    • Fannie Lou Hamer - Life & Times

    • Free Blacks in America During Enslavement

    • Mound Bayou - The First Successful All-Black City After Enslavement

    • Mound Bayou Part 2 - The Story of Isaiah T. Montgomery, Founder of Mound Bayou

    • The Story of Dr. Oku Ampofo

  • Eyes on the Prize Documentary Viewing & Discussions Series: We watched all 6 episodes of this award-winning PBS series that chronicled the Civil Rights Movement in vivid video detail.

  • BAF Black History Bingo ( - We introduced BAF Black History BINGO in March of 2023. The first theme of our Black History BINGO was Black Women In History in honor of Women’s History Month. We learned about 24 Black Women in history while playing a fun game for cash prizes. Join Us!

  • Black History Jeopardy! - BAF hosts its own version of Jeopardy with an online adaptation that features themes and people in Black history. Winners receive real prizes and bragging rights!




  • BAF Village. The BAF Village is our social and educational space for BAF members. The BAF Village features a variety of programs and services created and hosted by BAF members. These programs and services include(d):

    • Mastermind Mondays hosted by Ambassador Raven - Every Monday for several months BAF members received free coaching by licensed coach and BAF Ambassador Raven Rawlings

    • Temple Tuesdays Rights of Passage Program hosted by Wholisitc Wellness Worldwide - BAF hosted a Rites of Passage program for adults over the course of several months. The program, modeled on Queen Afua’s Rites of Passage program, provided spiritual and cultural enlightenment for those that participated.

    • BAF Toastmasters Club - BAF established its own Toastmasters Club so that our members can learn how to become better public speakers and communicate more effectively. BAF Toastmasters meets on Wednesdays.

    • Financial Literacy Thursdays - Thursdays have been reserved for financial literacy. We have had countless classes on financial literacy hosted by BAF members Jacob Green……………, who is a licensed financial planner, and Haziq Ali, who provided a series of financial literacy courses through our partnership with Novae Money, one of the largest Black Fintech companies in the country.

    • Edutainment Fridays hosted by Ambassador Deirdre Fields-Wilson - Every Friday we watch a movie on Black culture and discuss the movie afterwards. Movies range from dramas, to comedies to documentaries and have included: The Spook Who Sat By The Door, 

    • Sankofa Meditation hosted by Ambassador Deirdre Fields-Wilson - Every Saturday morning at 9am we wake up with morning meditation. Sankofa Meditation features a variety of mediation techniques and practices and is suitable for all ages and levels.

    • Accountability Fitness - Every Saturday after Sankofa Meditation we have fitness classes hosted by a variety of BAF members including Ambassadors MsFaith and Raven as well as members Charlene and Brent, who created a revolutionary multi-resistance exercise band. 

    • BAF Book Club hosted by BAF Ambassador Mussadiq - For those seeking to expand their knowledge of Black history and culture, the BAF book club is the one place to go. So far, the Book Club has completed The Destruction of African Civilization by Chancellor Williams and has recently started the book, The Isis Papers, the Keys To The Colors by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

    • Njia Fellowship with Dr. Ray Hagins - Every Sunday at 12 noon renowned Spiritual leader and BAF Board Member Dr. Ray Hagins hosts a spiritual and educational fellowship centered on the Afrikan origins of spirituality.

  • Djembe Drum Classes (4 classes) - We offered drum classes on the African Djembe drum. The classes were taught by BAF Member Julian Gordon. Students performed what they learned

  • Atlanta Juneteenth Parade & Celebration - Juneteenth is the official birthday of the Black Achievement Fund. Every Juneteenth we celebrate our birthday and the holiday by hosting our own celebration or partaking in the national Juneteenth Parade & Festivities held in Atlanta, GA. 

  • Free Community Cookout at Adair Park, Atlanta, GA - We hosted a free cookout in April 2022 for the entire community. The cookout included free food (including vegan options), a bouncy house, cotton candy, snow cone and popcorn machines, an African drum circle, and a movie in the park, which was Coming to America.

  • Free Back-To-School Cookout at Barraud Park, Norfolk, VA sponsored by From the Block to the Boardroom  - In September 2022 BAF partnered with our Business Member, From the Block to the Boardroom, and hosted a back-to-school cookout with the theme of Stopping the Violence. BAF provided food for 200 people at this event.

  • BAF Kwanzaa Celebration - Each year BAF hosts a 7-day virtual Kwanzaa Celebration that includes contributions from our members across the country and internationally. Our Kwanzaa features the daily lighting of the candle ceremony, videos, poems, presentations, live music and singing and more. To participate in this year’s Kwanzaa celebration email: and put Kwanzaa in the Subject Line.




  • BAF MLK Day Celebration




  • Recycled over $400,000 of Black wealth back into the Black community through over 50 Black Businesses and Freelancers. The BAF’s mission is to recycle Black wealth back into Black communities. One of the primary ways we accomplish this is by supporting Black businesses and entrepreneurs. 

  • All of our major consultants are Black including our CPA, attorney, graphic design artists, social media marketers, website developers, t-shirt, hoodie, hat and mug manufacturers, photographers, videographers, etc. In addition, all of our Kemet Club staff, including laborers and performers (event workers, security, wait staff, maintenance person, musicians/artists, caterers) and Kemet Club contractors (painters, electricians, HVAC specialists, carpenters) are Black. In addition, we sell and promote food from Black restaurants and food companies at our events on a consistent basis.

  • Launched our Blacklist Business & Nonprofit Directory ( - Our Blacklist is our Black business and nonprofit directory. We list and profile all of our Business and Nonprofit Members on the Blacklist and provide a list of over 100 Atlanta-metro restaurants and businesses.

  • Launched our first Kemet Club Members-only meeting and assembly space ( The BAF has established its first members-only Kemet Club in Atlanta, GA. The Kemet Club is an upscale meeting and assembly space for BAF members. We host live events at the Kemet Club such as live bands and musicians, sip-n-paints, art shows, product launched for Black businesses, movie screenings, private events, etc. BAF members have exclusive access to the Kemet Club via a key fob that can be purchased for a one-time activation fee of $20. 

  • Established partnership with Densua’s Incredible Artist Market - Densua’s Incredible Artist Market is an Atlanta institution that has been selling African and African-American art and artifacts in the historic Greenbriar Mall for over 40 years. Through our partnership, they supply our Kemet Club with art and we receive 20% of all sales. To date, BAF members have purchased over $1,000 in products.

  • Provided a free class on Individual and Business Taxes - BAF worked with BAF Business member Xxact Tax Services to provide a free tax class for individuals and businesses. BAF members were able to email specific tax questions ahead of time and received expert consultation by a certified CPA.

  • Supported over 20 Black businesses at the 51 annual International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn, NY - BAF showed our support of Black businesses by spending over $1,000 with the vendors at the festival. We also supported the festival by buying a booth.  

  • Provided classes on How To Start A Nonprofit 501(c)3 organization - These two classes are available on our Member’s Only page (password: werise, one word, all lowercase)

  • Provided Classes on How To Use Canva graphic design software - Canva is the leading graphic design software used by nonprofits and businesses worldwide. BAF hosted introductory and intermediate classes on how to create compelling flyers and social media ads using this free software.




Nonprofit Grant & Donation Recipients:


  • The Afrikan Village and Cultural Center - $5,100

  • Liberated Minds Homeschool Institute - $2,500

  • Institute of Self-Mastery - $1,000

  • Katal Center for Equity, Health, and Justice - $150

  • Tunstall Foundation, Black Birthright Program - $2,000

  • Wholistic Wellness Worldwide - $1,500

  • Atlanta NAACP - $250

  • Birdie’s Wings - $300

  • National African American Museum - $250

  • Atlanta Juneteenth Parade & Festival - $750

  • Tulsa, OK Juneteenth Parade - $250

  • African Textile Museum - $200

  • Annual Collard Green Festival - $500

  • The Soul Food Museum - $750

  • Oklahoma Black Bikers Tour through the 13 All-Black Towns in Oklahoma - $1,000

  • UNIA - $200

  • Sickle Cell Foundation - $200

  • National Federation of Southern Farmers - $200

  • From The Block To The Boardroom - $250

  • Granville T. Woods Foundation - $500

  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Rally - $250 


Scholarship Recipients:


  • Raven Rawlings for Kaplan course to study for the GRE

  • Q - to attend Real Estate school to get her Real Estate license

  • Steve - to attend Real Estate school to get her Real Estate license

  • 10 students from Liberated Minds Expo to attend Babysitting Training & Certification, including CPR certification




  • Sankofa Meditation (also part of the BAF VIllage) - Every Saturday at 9am est. we have Sankofa Meditation hosted by BAF Ambassador Deirdre Fields-Wilson. This class is for all levels and all ages and provides a multitude of powerful meditation techniques that will help improve your mental health and wellness.

  • Accountability Fitness (also part of the BAF VIllage) - Every Saturday BAF hosts Accountability Fitness virtually on our zoom platform. The classes are for all ages and levels and incorporate your workout as well as walking, hoola hoops, jump ropes, resistance bands and more. Classes are hosted by a variety of BAF members. 

  • Therapeutic Tuesdays (also part of the BAF VIllage) - Dr. Derethia Duvall, a clinical psychiatrist and BAF member, provided sessions on mental health and wellness for Black people, especially during COVID-19.  




  • BAF Member Volunteer Service - All BAF members are required to complete at least 5 hours a year in community service. Our members have stepped up to the plate and have volunteered in their communities across the country on behalf of BAF. This included working with other nonprofit and service organizations. Some examples include:

    • Partnership with Charlottesville Food Bank - BAF members partnered with Legaci Eat’s BOG3 Nonprofit Food Truck to provide over 300 meals to seniors and underserved communities in the Charlottesville, VA area.

    • NYC Sickle Cell Walk - BAF members contributed money to the National Sickle Cell Foundation and members participated in the actual walk.

    • Granville T. Woods Thanksgiving Program - BAF NYC members partnered with the Granville T. Woods Foundation the past two years to provide free Thanksgiving meals to the poor in New York City.

  • Launched BAF Business Member Paid Referral Program - BAF members who sign-up new BAF Business members get paid cash based on the membership level of the business they sign-up or refer. BAF members receive $75 for every $250 Business membership, $200 for every $500 Business membership, and $500 for every $1,000 Business membership they refer or directly sign-up. Members get cash app’d as soon as the new Business membership is processed. To date, we have paid out $1,625 to members for their referrals. 

  • BAF Member Stipends - The BAF provides stipends to members for services beyond standard volunteer work. We have provided over $40,000 to other members who have aided in the development of the BAF campaign. 

  • BAF Member Emergency Support - The BAF has assisted numerous BAF members during times of emergency. This included paying for plane tickets so members can attend the funerals of their mothers and a grandmother, raising capital to help with a members’ chemotherapy costs, providing gas money so that members could get to work, as well as providing small jobs for members in need to earn extra money.

  • Hampton Roads, VA Meet and Greet - BAF Ambassador Deshawn Faulkner hosted a Hampton Roads Meet-N-Greet at a Black-owned business. 

  • Detroit, MI Meet and Greet - BAF member Sahir 

  • Created dedicated customer service number for BAF members - The BAF has a dedicated live customer service number for all membership questions. The number is 855-595-1314. Our office hours are Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm est.




  • BAF Kemet Club (also part of the Culture & Community and Small Business Depts. programs and services) 

  • BAF Internship - The BAF hosted an Internship for youth but with limited success. We provided interns cash stipends for assisting with the development of our Blacklist Business and Nonprofit Directory. If you know anyone interested in an internship please email us at

  • Free lawn care service for BAF seniors 55+ - Beginning summer 2022 BAF began offering free grass cutting and lawn care services for our members over 55 years old. BAF volunteers did the work once members signed up for the free service.

  • Free lawn care equipment rental - BAF provides free lawn care equipment rentals at our Atlanta headquarters. Equipment includes an electric lawn mower, blower, trimmer and edger. 

  • Celebration of the Women of the Black Panther Party - Led by BAF NYC Branch and Sister Deirdre, we hosted a virtual fashion show honoring the women of the Black Panther Party, including one of our own members, Dr. Derethia Duvall.




  • Grant to the Tunstall Foundation - The Tunstall Foundation is a Black family foundation based in New York. BAF provided a $2,000 grant to the Tunstall Foundation to help send four Black high school students to Senegal. Because of Covid-19 the students ended up going on a culture tour of New Orleans.

  • BAF International Member Meets with BAF Members in NYC - BAF has over 2-dozen members internationally. We 




  • Novae Money Partnership - BAF established a partnership with Novae Money, one of the largest Black-owned Fintech companies in the U.S. Novae money provides individual and business credit repair, access to individual and business loans, financial literacy classes, an affiliate marketing program and more.

  • Free Financial Literacy Classes - BAF offered classes on all aspects of financial literacy through BAF member Jacob Greene. Classes ranged from managing personal finances, steps to homeownership, understanding credit scores, business credit and financing, and more.

  • Free Cryptocurrency Classes - BAF hosted three classes on cryptocurrency. The classes covered all aspects of cryptocurrency including step by step instructions on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

  • Free Tax Class -  BAF hosted two free tax classes for BAF members, including our BAF Business and Nonprofit members. The classes were hosted by certified CPAs, who are also BAF members. 

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