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Banking is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Currently, 5 out of 10 of the most profitable businesses in the world are banks. Black people spend billions of dollars in bank fees alone each year, none of which benefits their community. Through the BAF Credit Union, BAF members will be able to leverage their banking practices to benefit their community will receiving free banking accounts and below-market rates on services.

The BAF Credit Union & Financial Services Department will also offer an assortment of workshops on financial literacy, home ownership, preparing for retirement, financing for higher education and more. 


$50 Million

  • Establishment of a National BAF Credit Union for members.
  • All BAF members are eligible for a BAF checking and savings account and debit card regardless of past credit history.
  • Financial literacy workshops and savings programs for members. 
  • Free checking and savings accounts for members.
  • Major revenue generator for the BAF!

Free Bank Accounts for All Members Regardless of Credit!

The BAF Credit Union will offer free checking and savings accounts for all BAF members regardless of credit history. By granting BAF members bank accounts regardless of negative credit history, we will reduce the billions of dollars in fees poor Blacks spend at check cashing companies and businesses like Western Union, Walmart-to-Walmart, and Money Gram. The primary reason poor Blacks lose their bank accounts at traditional banks is due to overdraft fees, not on credit cards, but on debit cards, which by their very nature should never be overdrawn.

The BAF will virtually eliminate overdraft fees on credit and debit accounts because we will never allow a member to exceed their credit or debit limit. In addition, the BAF Credit Union will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue that will be used to fund BAF programs and services.

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