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Renee Walters, President of The Freedom Georgia Initiative 


Renee Walters originally from Chicago, IL left her hometown at the age of 18 to seek better opportunities. She traveled the country working for a magazine publishing company where she learned to efficiently and effectively sell to customers of all walks of life. She later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she would pursue a career in retail

management with different retail chains throughout the Atlanta area, all while going to school for communications. Her career up the management chain excelled faster than she thought. It was hard for Renee to be a full time mom of 2, student, and run her store efficiently, so she put school on hold to focus on building her management career and her family. 


In 2013, tragedy struck, Renee was in the attic of her previous home when she sustained multiple injuries, and a spinal cord fracture that left her paralyzed from her belly button down due to falling out of the attic. She was admitted into the Shepherd Center rehabilitation after a couple weeks of recovering from a 10 hour surgery on her spinal cord. Doctor's told Renee she would never walk again. Through hard work, perseverance and the grace of God, she learned to do everything the Doctor's said she would never be able to do again. So now  a single mom with a disability Renee was determined not to let anything stop her from completing the goals she set for herself early on in life. Although she was unable to work full time due to injuries, she took on volunteering with different ministries in her church to keep her busy. With help from her church she formed outreach ministries to clothed and feed the homeless, provide groceries to families for holidays, she also opened her home to young women in need. 


In 2014, Renee met the love of her life Z. Walters and they formed a union in 2017. In 2018 Renee decided to pursue a career in medical massage. She graduated from Gwinnett College for Neuromuscular Therapy. Her dreams to work in the hospital industry with her husband after graduation were put on hold due to Renee expecting her 3rd child in 2019. Unfortunately, Renee's daughter suffered an injury during birth causing her to have special needs. Yet, in 2020, with grace Renee rises to the occasion daily as she serves as the President of The Freedom Georgia Initiative and leader within her community all while maintaining her family’s household, building multiple businesses and raising a beautiful special needs baby. 

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