Members Needed to Reach Our Goal!


We need your creativity and genius! Put your talent to good use and win some cash by entering one of our contests!

BAF Campaign T-Shirt Design Contest!

$100 Cash Prize!

The BAF is offering $100 cash prize and bragging rights for the most creative t-shirt designs for the Black Achievement Fund National Campaign. Bring your dopest designs and claim the prize. We will award 5 winners. Winners will be announced throughout the campaign. Designs will be judged on 2 categories: 1. creativity and 2. commercial appeal. Designs must be emailed in pdf format. 

Black Achievement Fund National Monument Design Contest!

$1,000 Cash Prize!

The BAF will be honoring the first 10 million people who join the Black Achievement Fund with a national monument to honor this historic accomplishment. Requirements: 1. The monument must be able to list the names all 10 million BAF members. 2. The monument cannot cost more than $25 million to build 3. All work must be original. 

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