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Derrick E. D. Smith Jr., was born March 14, 1984 in Lawton, Oklahoma. Raised by a single mother, he attended Lawton Public Schools, but spent half of his life growing up in his family’s home town of Tatums, OK. Roaming the countryside in the summer and on holidays, Derrick spent the other half of his life figuring out how to be a young gentleman in the rugged streets of Lawton View. The young man was well rounded in

education and athletics. He graduated from Lawton High school in 2002 with a 3.67 GPA and went to Rose State College in Midwest City, Oklahoma majoring in studio recording with aspirations to break into the music industry. Due to a desire to jump right into business, Derrick did not attend his core classes regularly which led to him leaving school to pursue a career as a recording artist. In 2003, Derrick was signed to a management contract and spent the next 5 years of his life performing and experiencing the business side of hip-hop. Establishing himself as a local star, Derrick became well known and respected for his savvy mindset and hard hustle approach to getting his music and story heard. After traveling the nation, including spending time in Hollywood, he returned to Lawton in 2009 after a 6-year run as an independent artist, event promoter, and upstart entrepreneur. His reason for going back to Lawton was learning that he had a 2-month-old baby girl there, his first child. He would attend Cameron University for 5 years studying business administration and history, graduating with two 2- year degrees, one in each field, 2012 & 2013. During the same time, he worked as a Gang Intervention Street Outreach Worker with the Lawton Gang Program for the city of Lawton. Derrick made the cover of the Lawton Sunday newspaper in 2011 when his gang program received credit for a 26% reduction in the juvenile crime rate in Comanche county. With a seat on the Lawton Gang Steering Committee, as well as other notable groups and committees throughout the city, Derrick’s main focus became helping to save lives and uplift the communities he had grew up in. In 2015, he ran for public office in the All-black town of Tatums, with a goal of becoming the mayor. He fell short due to an irregular election process conducted by a few elders in the community who grew to become his opposition out of fear of his youth. Currently, Derrick works in schools as a history influencer encouraging youth to learn as much about themselves as possible, something he wasn’t encouraged to do until attending college. Derrick, has written a book which was self-published in 2016 and is working on others.  In 2017, he began designing the Black Town Motorcycle Tour set to take place for the first time in 2019. It has been successful to this date and has been expanded to include non-motorcycle riders effectively establishing the 13 Black Towns Tour. He still writes and records music and will release upcoming projects through his imprint Black Towns Music and Media. With the idea of using history to open people up to their purpose, he is infusing urban entertainment with hidden histories a progressive approach to teaching younger generations to learn the truth about themselves. With keys to the cities of Lawton and Oklahoma City in hand, Derrick E. D. Smith Jr. is taking all of his experiences, talents, skills and abilities and combining them to help make the world a better place. More specifically he is actively working to restore the black community by building black towns. As a team member among the leadership of the Black Achievement Fund, he plans to be of service fulltime to complete the mission.