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$50 Million


The purpose of the Culture and Community Department is to serve as the Black community's cultural, educational and recreational hub, and to implement and sustain a comprehensive neighborhood beautification program for Black communities operated by paid employees and BAF volunteers. ​The department will be anchored by major Communiversities, a term coined by members of the Institute of the Black World, which simply means "the community's university." 

Through the Culture and Community Department, BAF members will have access to free educational, recreational and cultural activities in a safe, nurturing environment located conveniently within their own communities. We will transform Black communities through neighborhood revitalization programs and stimulate a cultural renaissance through community programs and services that promote Black history and culture. 

  • Creation of free "Communiversities," or community recreation and learning centers.
  • Establishment of permanent neighborhood beautification and clean-up crews.
  • Creation of public murals and public art for Black communities.
  • New and restored playgrounds throughout Black communities.
  • New monuments and statutes dedicated to Black history and culture. 
  • Organizing of cultural events: cook-outs, field trips, drumming, rites of passage programs, cultural festivals, etc.!

Neighborhood Beautification

The BAF will implement a comprehensive neighborhood beautification program to improve the aesthetic condition of Black communities. We will utilize some of the 50 million hours of community service pledged by BAF members to complete many of our neighborhood beautification objectives, which include:

  • Planting thousands trees and flowers.

  • Converting empty lots into usable space.

  • Implementing block-by-block neighborhood clean-up crews.

  • Creating community gardens.

  • Installing park benches and outdoor water fountains.

  • Installing and repairing sidewalks.

  • Installing trash cans in needed locations.

  • Installing bike and walking lanes where possible.


The idea of the "Communiversity" was first conceptualized in 1969 by the Institute of the Black World (IBW). In honor of the IBW, the BAF will create 5 major communiversities in Black communities the first five years. These institutions will provide educational, recreational, social, and cultural programs and services that include:
  • State-of-the-art recreational facilities
  • Multipurpose classrooms
  • A library
  • Computer and technology centers
  • Counseling services
  • Music and art studios
  • Educational classes ranging from resume writing to African dance
  • Youth After school and mentoring programs
  • Conference rooms
  • An industrial kitchen and dining hall
  • A theater/auditorium and more! 
In addition, BAF Communiversities will have access to Charter busses and fleet vehicles for the community's use, and serve as a pick-up and drop-off location for our city-to-city passenger Bus service. The centers will also administer a BAF "Neediest family" grant program for families suffering from various immediate emergencies. 

New Playgrounds 

To stimulate exercise and provide a healthy form of entertainment, the BAF will build hundreds of new playgrounds throughout Black communities. We will also renovate existing playgrounds in Black communities, including basketball and tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, and local parks. 

We will go beyond traditional playgrounds and build new, state-of-the-art playgrounds that take fun to another level! We will create playgrounds and parks that cater to all members of the family and will be free of charge and open to all members of the community, not just BAF members.

The BAF will also build bike and walking lanes around playgrounds  tto provide additional exercise options and an extended layer of protection for children playing in the park or playground. 

Community Murals, Statutes & Monuments

Mural on left: In honor of Sandra Bland, Michael Brown and other Black people who died at the hands of White police officers.

Since the days of the ancient Egyptians, Black people have been creating elaborate murals, monuments, and statutes to honor Black heroes and heroines and to celebrate Black culture. These cultural productions are living testimonies of our shared history and provide our community with a way to honor and thank those who sacrificed on our behalf or contributed something great to our culture.

The BAF will create dozens of new murals, statutes and monuments to honor Black people from all walks of life who represent the Black struggle, Black genius, and the best of Black culture. We will highlight well known as well as relatively unknown figures and maintain all murals, statutes and monuments.

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