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$75 Million

  • Cultivation of 30,000 - 40,000 acres of farmland across the country to grow organic food and raise livestock to be sold in BAF grocery and convenience stores and farmer's markets.
  • Creation of new national grocery store chain selling food and produce grown through the Food & Agriculture Department at-cost.
  • Development of K-12 curricula, summer programs and internships on BAF farms that study the business of growing and selling food.
  • Creation of urban gardens that sell food and produce at-cost to local BAF members.
  • Cultivation of medicinal and recreational marijuana at-cost to BAF members.
  • Establishment of a BAF commercial fishing enterprise that will sell all fish at-cost to BAF members.

Food & Agriculture Department



Black Americans have the lowest life expectancy by race in the United States. While there are many causes for this abnormally low life expectancy, diet and exercise are among the primary causes. Studies show that Black Americans often lack access to affordable healthy food options and are thus less likely to develop healthy eating habits. To combat this serious problem, the strategic focus of the BAF's Food & Agriculture Department will be to begin commercial farming and fishing, and raising livestock, including cows, goats, lamb, and pigs, as well as chickens and turkeys. We will produce fresh produce as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts. All of our food products will be grown organically on farms and ranches owned by the BAF, processed by the BAF's Food & Agriculture Department, and sold to BAF members at-cost at our convenience and grocery stores and farmer's markets.

The Food & Agriculture Department will also work with the Education Department to design curricula around business and production of food, which will include hands-on work on our farms, ranches and commercial fishing operations. In addition, the department will create urban gardens in Black communities that will be maintained with the assistance of BAF members and students.

Lastly, the department will cultivate medicinal and recreational marijuana in states where it is legal, and sell it to BAF members at-cost. Why? Because Black Americans have been disproportionately prosecuted for marijuana=related offenses. Our goal is to eliminate the illegal street sell of marijuana in Black communities and the persecution that comes along with it by growing marijuana legally and making it readily assessable and inexpensive, and thus no longer profitable to sell illegally. 

Commercial Farming

Yes, we will own and operate our own farms and grow our own food!

Through the Food & Agriculture Department, the BAF will purchase farmland and ranches across the country and grow food and produce for BAF members that will be 100% organic and delivered fresh to Black communities nationwide. We will work with Black farmers to improve their operations and increase their yield. We will also develop education programs to educate the community about the importance of diet and exercise, and how to live a more healthy lifestyle.

All of the food and produce grown at BAF-operated farms and ranches will be sold at-cost to members, and at below-market cost to BAF member businesses.

By growing our own food, we will be taking a major step towards creating a healthier Black community, helping individuals live longer, more productive and satisfying lives. 

New Grocery Stores & Farmer's Markets

Bringing healthy, affordable food to the Black Community!

It is no secret that in many Black communities it is almost impossible to find a decent grocery store with healthy, affordable food and produce. As a result, Black Americans have the lowest life expectancy rate in the country, and Black men the worst in the world. 

Through the Food & Agriculture Department, the BAF will take the lead in providing Black communities with high quality grocery stores and farmer's markets. We will also sell fresh produce and food in our Black Spot chain of convenience stores and gourmet delis.

All of the produce and food produced by the BAF's Food & Agriculture Department will be sold at-cost to members and below-market cost to BAF member businesses. This includes fish and seafood! 

Urban Farms & Summer Programs

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Urban Farms & Summer Programs

"We have to bring children into a new relationship to food that connects them to culture and agriculture."

- Alice Waters

"Without agriculture it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy."

- Allan Savory

The Black Achievement Fund will facilitate summer programs at both rural and urban farms. Through these programs we will educate our people with the ability to create sustainable farms and foods sources for their communities, wherever these communities might be. Increasing the healthy food options of all of our communities will empower our people to live healthier lives. The knowledge gained through our programs will also lessen our dependency on food sources which are both unhealthy and unnecessarily expensive. 

At-cost Medicinal & Recreational Marijuana

Less than 1% of the legal marijuana dispensaries in the country are Black-owned. Furthermore, the vast majority of individuals arrested and prosecuted for possessing and selling marijuana are Black and Brown people. Black Americans spend billions of dollars a year on marijuana, not just through consumption, but through the criminal justice system, which has made an industry off of incarcerating Black and Brown people for marijuana, which is now legal in some form in over half the country.

The BAF will cultivate medicinal and recreational marijuana on behalf of BAF members at-cost in every state where it is legal. In addition, the Food & Agriculture Department will teach BAF members about the medicinal properties of marijuana and how to grow marijuana. We will even teach members how to develop their own marijuana grow room where legal. 

In addition to growing food and raising livestock and chickens and turkeys, the Food & Agriculture Department will establish a commercial fishing and seafood enterprise. We will sell all fish and seafood at-cost to BAF members through our grocery stores and farmers markets. We will also sell cooked fish and seafood through our gourmet delis inside our Black Spot convenience stores.

The Food & Agriculture Department will also sell fish and seafood to BAF businesses at below-market cost. The department will also help design K-12 grade curricula around the commercial fishing industry and provide internships to students and interested BAF members.

Fresh Fish & Seafood At-Cost To BAF Members!

Commercial Fishing

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