Members Needed to Reach Our Goal!


- 100,000 - 150,000 new jobs with a livable minimum wage, currently $10 an hour

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The Black Fund, Inc., will operate thousands of businesses, creating thousands of jobs for African-Americans.  The Fund will create jobs in every occupation imaginable.  The majority of these jobs will be in the African-American community; thus employees can avoid long commutes that require reliable transportation, which is not always available. 


To work for the Black Fund, Incorporated is to work for Black people.  When one works for the Black Fund, Inc. one knows that he or she is simultaneously working in his or her best interest and elevating the Black race, thus motivation to work soars while workplace corruption and dissatisfaction declines.  If one works for and steals from a business owned by the Black Fund, Inc., one is not only stealing from one’s self, but from every African-American in the entire country as well.  Thus we can create a workplace based on a commitment of racial advancement.  Also, the profit generated by your company goes back into the Black Fund, Inc., which recycles it back into the African-American community.


Since private profit is not the main motive for The Black Fund, Inc. businesses, The Black Fund, Inc. will establish a progressive minimum wage, currently $8 an hour for anyone that works for the Black Fund, Inc. or any business operated or supported by the Black Fund, Inc.  This, in conjunction with The Black Fund, Inc. co-ops and other services, which will be selling items at break-even costs, will dramatically raise the standard of living of all Black Fund members.  Under The Black Fund, Inc., African-Americans will be getting paid more money, yet they will be paying less for household and luxury consumer products.