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Through the Black Achievement Fund's Real Estate Development Department we are building a 20,000 sqft Members' Retreat in Georgia that we are calling "Little Kemet." The projected cost is $4.5-$5 million. We are raising the capital in phases. The First Phase is $100,000 to purchase the land for the development. The retreat will be collectively owned by BAF members. 


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Black Achievement Fund

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Black Achievement Fund

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What does my donation support?

100% of donations go to support the BAF national campaign and membership drive. Any funds remaining after we reach our goal will be used to support BAF operations and programs.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, the Black Achievement Fund is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501 (c) 3 corporation. Your campaign donation is 100% tax deductible.

Is my donation private?

Yes, your donation is 100% private. We will not share or sell your information to any third party.

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