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$70 Million

  • Creation and renovation of various manufacturing plants in Black communities generating new jobs and new Black-owned products.
  • Manufacturing plants open to all members of the BAF after requisite training.
  • At-cost production of products for entrepreneurs and BAF small businesses at BAF manufacturing plants.
  • Free apprenticeship programs at BAF manufacturing plants during the summer and school year for high school students and BAF members 18+.
  • Creation of a national at-cost Charter Bus travel service for BAF members.
  • Purchase of a fleet of passenger vehicles for use by the community at-cost. ​


The strategic focus of the Manufacturing & Transportation Department is to create viable manufacturing hubs in Black communities, which will create valuable jobs and enable the BAF to produce high quality consumer products that will be sold at-cost to members, These items include soap, toothpaste, socks and underwear, food products, cleaning agents, furniture, clothing, and more. Another primary aim of the Manufacturing & Transportation department is to provide Black entrepreneurs with the capabilities to manufacture high quality products at below-industry rates right here in America, in the heart of their consumer market. And lastly, the BAF's manufacturing department will work in conjunction with the Education Department. Together, the Departments will design and implement free apprenticeship and training programs for high school students and BAF members 18+ as part of our industrial training and applied knowledge national curriculum. 


In regards to transportation, the Department will focus on establishing a national Charter Bus travel service that will operate at-cost to BAF members. The BAF charter service will travel between major cities across the country with drop-off points in the Black community. In addition, the Manufacturing & Transportation Department will purchase a fleet of Charter Busses and Fleet vehicles for community use. These vehicles will be driven and maintained by the Manufacturing & Transportation Department personnel and will be available to BAF members at-cost. The Department will also purchase various tracker trailers and service vehicles to accommodate other BAF programs and services.

"The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what the man can do with what he knows that counts."

                    - Booker T. Washington

Manufacturing Plants

The BAF will build manufacturing plants that make everyday consumer products that will be sold at cost to members through our Black Spot convenience stores and Black Market online market place. BAF Member businessmen and women, and/or inventors will have access to these manufacturing plants to create their own unique products at-cost. These plants will also be used by high school students as part of our industrial education curriculum. BAF Manufacturing plants may include but are not limited to: 

  • Garment manufacturing 

  • Bottling plants

  • Toothpaste, ointment, lotion manufacturing

  • Furniture manufacturing

  • Industrial kitchens for commercial food production 

  • Brick manufacturing

  • Toilet tissue/paper towel manufacturing

  • Chemical processing and manufacturing

  • Craft Beer Breweries

At-Cost Charter Bus Service

For many Black people, charter bus service is the less expensive and sometimes only available method for long-distance travel. Black people make up the majority of Greyhound and other charter bus customers, yet none of these companies are owned by Black people. The BAF is going to create a national bus service to take BAF members to major cities and towns at-cost to BAF members. 

BAF members will be able to travel in comfort to major cities on our private fleet of charter busses that will be equipped with wi-fi, clean restrooms, and offer family movies. Routes will include but will not be limited to:

Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC, Birmingham, AL, Mobile, AL, Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, Little Rock, AK, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, New Haven, CT, Boston, MA, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA, Hampton Roads, VA, Cleveland, OH, Cincinnati  OH, Gary, IN, Detroit, MI, Milwaukee, WI, Memphis, TN, New Orleans, LA Baton Rogue, LA, Los Angelas, CA, Long beach, CA, Compton, CA, Oakland, CA, Sacramento, CA, St. Louis, MO, and more.

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