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$15 Million


The Member and Volunteer Services are closely linked and therefore will share a department. The strategic focus of the Membership component of the Department is to process new memberships and provide customer service to BAF members, including notifications regarding membership status. The strategic focus of the Volunteer component of the Department will be to ensure that all BAF members have ample volunteer opportunities available to them in their local community to fulfill their 5 hours of community service, and to help BAF members design custom community service projects.

  • Process BAF memberships and service BAF members across the country.​
  • Provide customer service to BAF members.
  • Develop and manage fun and impactful community service projects for BAF member requirement.
  • Create and help manage special projects like the BAF annual birthday celebrations.

Membership Services

Processing Memberships. The Member Services division of the Membership & Volunteer Department will be responsible for processing new membership applications and ensuring that all members fulfill all of their membership requirements. The Member Services division will also provide customer service to members and issue and manage membership cards.

Volunteer Services

The Volunteer Services division of the Membership & Volunteer Department will be responsible for ensuring that all 10 million BAF members have countless volunteer opportunities available to fulfill their annual community service requirements. The Volunteer Services Division will also work with members to design custom community service programs.

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