Members Needed to Reach Our Goal!


The Black Achievement Fund campaign is officially underway!

We need 10 million people to join the Black Achievement Fund in order to establish our annual billion dollar bank account for Black economic and community development. 

Membership to the Black Achievement Fund is only $9 a month less than the cost of a Netflix or Apple Music subscription. 

Once we reach our 10 million/$1 billion campaign goal and members make their first monthly membership payment we will generate $90 million overnight to begin implementing the BAF's comprehensive and innovative array of Programs and Services


coretta scott king anthony.jpg

"Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation."

– Dr. Coretta Scott King

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." 

– President Barack Obama


Become a Member! You count! Your membership takes us one monumental step closer to making the BAF a reality! Join now and become a part of the solution to Black economic and community empowerment.​​

Become an Official Campaign Volunteer!  Show your commitment and dedication by becoming an official campaign volunteer. Official Campaign Volunteers are the backbone of our campaign and will be rewarded with special recognition in the BAF Memorial Monument (see below).

Start a Campaign Branch! Hone your leadership skills and help promote the campaign by starting an official BAF Campaign Branch. Branch leaders receive special leadership training and are supported by the national campaign.

Spread the Word! Tell your friends and family about the BAF and convince them to join, share our social media ads, attend BAF fundraising and marketing events, display the BAF bumpersticker on your car, laptop or window (they peel off easy), purchase campaign merchandise, or put up a BAF yard sign in your yard!


Membership to the Black Achievement Fund is open to anyone 16 years and older who believes in its mission and Guiding Principles regardless of "race," religion, sexuality, or political affiliation. 

All members enjoy equal membership status regardless of contribution amount. Members collectively own all of the BAF's assets and are entitled to all of the Programs and Services the BAF offers.

The first 10,000 members are our Founding Members and will received a limited edition Founding Member certificate, BAF face mask, and a BAF "I Joined!" vinyl sticker.

To learn more about membership benefits and requirements, and to become a member click the button below.




You've become a member, now get involved!

We need passionate, motivated and intelligent individuals like YOU to help us reach our 10 million/$1 billion membership goal! Now is the time for our generation to make our mark. Become an Official BAF Campaign Volunteer and be a part of the solution to Black economic and community development. Our World Is In Our Hands!

The requirements for Official Campaign Volunteers are simple:

  • Recruit at least 50 people to join the BAF.

  • Participate in at least 3 Street Team events.

  • Complete the BAF's online Education & Leadership Course.

All Official BAF Campaign Volunteers will receive an official Certificate of Appreciation signed by the President of the BAF and be honored with special recognition in the BAF's Memorial Monument. This monument will pay homage to millions of Black people who helped make the BAF a reality, as well as to our ancestors who laid the foundation that made this moment possible.


BAF’s Campaign Branches are the cornerstone of our national campaign.

The BAF will establish campaign branches on college campuses and in Black communities throughout the country until we reach our $10 million/$1 billion goal. Through these branches the BAF seeks to cultivate the next generation of young Black leaders who will lead the BAF into the future. 

To start a Campaign Branch is simple, you must: 1. Be at least 16 years old, 2. Have four members (1. President, 2. Vice President, 3. Treasurer, and 4. Corporate Secretary), 3. Dedicated meeting space with a computer and internet access, and 4. Complete the Campaign Branch Application.  

The four primary responsibilities of Campaign Branches are to:

  1. Develop Social Media Campaigns – Help take the BAF campaign viral by developing and posting social media ads!

  2. Organize Street Teams – Create street teams to promote the BAF campaign in local communities.

  3. Research – Provide research and conduct surveys that will help inform BAF program development and resource allocation. 

  4. Fundraise – Host fundraising events to help support the national BAF campaign.  


Once the BAF campaign establishes at least 5 official Campaign Branches and attracts at least 500 Official Campaign Volunteers we will begin our national speaking tour. The president of the BAF will headline the speaking tour, which will take place primarily on college and university campuses and in venues in Black communities across the country. The main goals of the speaking tour are:


  • To provide prospective and new members with a formal presentation of the BAF, giving them the opportunity to ask questions, provide suggestions, become a member, donate to the campaign, volunteer and meet the BAF leadership.

  • To create an independent media platform to deliver the BAF message.

  • To attract celebrity and major donor endorsements and donations, and inspire individuals to start campaign branches and join the movement.

In addition to the national speaking tour, the BAF will be routinely presenting its program on college campuses and in Black communities. If you have a group of 50 or more and would like a private presentation Contact Us. We will make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible.  

On Hold Due To Covid-19


Once the BAF reaches its campaign goal of 10 million/$1 billion we will build a magnificent memorial monument to recognize this crowning achievement. The names of the first 10 million BAF members will be etched in stone. The BAF's Official Campaign Volunteers and Campaign Branch leaders will have their names etched in gold in appreciation for their special dedication. The BAF Memorial Monument will also highlight the names of our Honorary Members, and ancestors who fought without reward for the freedoms we currently enjoy.


In addition to celebrating the members and leaders of the BAF Movement, the monument will also be an ode to our ancestors from ancient Kemet (Egypt) and the Nile Valley. The Africans that built ancient Egypt pioneered virtually every field of study and created the most astonishing civilization the world has ever seen. It is this legacy, this history, that the Black Achievement Fund seeks to build upon. All of the BAF's programs and services will operate under the same standards of excellence demonstrated by our ancient Egyptian ancestors.

The BAF Memorial Monument will stand as an enduring symbol of Black unity and achievement. It will be a sacred space for the worship and celebration of our ancestors, Black history and culture, and our struggle for liberation and self-determination. We are currently seeking designs for the monument. Click below to learn more and to enter: