Join date: Nov 12, 2021

Greetings BAF Family,

I am a mother of 3 and in the business of financial services advising and creating finanical plans to assist families, businesses, and personal in becoming debt free, secure and safe retirement, retirement protection, leaving a legacy to love ones, and securing funding for long term health to assist in times of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness.

My goal is to bring awareness to my brothers and sisters on what is available to them in the health and financial realm without any risk. With my strong portfolio and 4yrs experience protecting families, businesse, and personal assets, I am looking forward to assisting my BAF family.


• How to eliminate ALL debt, mortgage and student loans included, in less than 9 years.

• How to accumulate wealth on any income.

• How to grow your wealth safely and predictably whether the markets go up, down or sideways.

• How to bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether and become your own source of financing.

• How to potentially cut your tax burden by up to half!

Morgan Hankston