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Free Online Black History Class: Mound Bayou: The First Successful All-Black Town in America

Founded by Isaiah T. Montgomery, Mound Bayou, Mississippi was a successful attempt on behalf of African Americans to to create a prosperous all-Black town while providing a safe haven away from Whites. The goal of the colonists, who were all formerly enslaved, was to establish from the ground up an all-Black town that would be governed by its members and free of the influence, violence, and intimidation of Whites. Their strategy for Black liberation was separation and withdrawal from Southern politics, and Black/White cooperation in all things of mutual economic interest. Booker T. Washington was so extremely impressed by Montgomery and the town of Mound Bayou that he adopted this same strategy for Black liberation when he rose to leadership. This is also the Black Achievement Fund's strategy...What we are seeking to accomplish has already been accomplished over 100 years ago by formerly enslaved Blacks. This is why history is so important - it shows what is possible by showing what has already been achieved.

This free class is brought to you compliments of Education for Life Academy, home of the pioneering Standing on the Shoulders of Giants online Black history curriculum ( It features an excellent article by Booker T. Washington on the founding and success of Mound Bayou. RE-LEARN! Knowledge is FREE but PRICELESS.

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