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Black inventors and entrepreneurs have been creating unique life changing products and businesses since the founding of America. The BAF wants to inspire Black entrepreneurs and inventors to continue this tradition by providing them with small business loans, grants and technical support to bring their ideas to life. In turn, these businesses will help stimulate an internal economy, which includes providing jobs to members of the community at the BAF's progressive minimum wage. 

In addition to providing grants and loans, the BAF's Small Business Department will offer technical assistance that includes business plan development, financial management, employee training, marketing, product development, web design, e-commerce, taxes, licensing, copyrights, trademarks, and much more. Furthermore, all of our members will have access to the BAF's manufacturing plants to create their products at below-industry rates using state-of-the art equipment and technology. 

Through the Black Achievement Fund, our businessmen and women will have a source of reliable investment capital and unparalleled access to the African American consumer. We will provide our business owners with shelf space in BAF stores, the BAF's online market and a consortium of our business affiliates. 


$100 Million

  • BAF Kemet Club - Our exclusive Members-only cafe/lounge in East Point, GA
  • 1,500 small business loans and grants that average $50,000, as well as technical support to BAF members to create and improve businesses in Black communities across the country. 
  • Below-market interest rates on small business loans.
  • No payments or interest on loans for the first 18-months.
  • Subsidized commercial leases and maintenance services.
  • Assistance with new product development and shelf space at BAF stores and online coop. 
  • Thousands of new jobs created for Black people in Black communities with a livable minimum wage, currently $15 an hour!




The Kemet Club

The BAF is excited to introduce our new Kemet Club! The Kemet Club is a private, BAF members-only cafe/lounge created to provide a safe-space for the BAF community to convene in fellowship among people who share our consciousness and vision.  The Kemet Club will be open 24/7 for Club Members* and feature live programs throughout the week such as:

- Saturday & Sunday Brunches
- Art Shows
- Movie Nights
- Game nights
- Sip N Paint
- Spoken Word/Live Poetry
- Live Music
- Product Launch Parties for Black Businesses
- Baby showers
- Birthday parties
- Book Signings and more! 

2835 Church Street/East Point, GA 30344

New Upscale Businesses

The BAF will invest in the commercial development and architectural design of Black businesses and provide grants to upgrade current businesses, ensuring that Black community has access to upscale businesses and services that rival those of any community. New businesses will include:

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee shops

  • Clothing boutiques

  • Art galleries

  • Bars

  • Clubs and Lounges

  • Specialty shops, and more!

New Upscale 


  • Florists

  • Tailors & Dry cleaners

  • Interior designers

  • Website developers and graphic designers

  • Accountants

  • Architects

  • Spas & Manicurists

  • Event planners

  • Tutoring and educational services

  • Musical Instrument Instructors, and more

​The BAF will provide upscale office space for independent contractors and small businesses at below market rates, some as low as $250 a month. In return, these businesses will offer high quality, discounted services for BAF members. Services we seek to support include:

New Products & Shelf Space 

The BAF will help Black businesses develop and market their products to a global audience, giving them a competitive advantage that will help level the playing field. This assistance will include:

  • Loans and technical assistance to Black inventors to produce new products of all sorts.

  • Shelf space in the BAF convenience and grocery stores as well as its online "Black Market."

  • Use of BAF manufacturing facilities to produce goods at below-industry rates. See Manufacturing & Transportation Dept. for more information.

  • Assistance with patents, copyrights and trademarks and other legal matters.


Along with supporting small businesses, the BAF will operate some of its own businesses in the Black community, including the Black Spot, our chain of convenience stores. One of the main purposes of the Black Spot is to provide Black entrepreneurs with a mainstream platform and valuable shelf space to market and sell their products. 


"Through the Black Spot and other businesses the BAF will operate, such as the Black Market, Black entrepreneurs will have unparalleled access to the Black buying market. We want your products on our shelves!" 


The Black Spot will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week and sell all merchandise at-cost to members and feature mainstream products as well as those produced by our members. The Black Spot will offer friendly service, clean restrooms, free wi-fi, free charging stations, a gourmet deli, fresh produce, a seating area and more. It will also offer an app for members to purchase products and have them bagged and ready in advance.


The Black Market is the BAF's online consumer marketplace. The Black Market will sell all types of consumer goods and services from Black companies as well as mainstream companies. Products will include everything from clothing, furniture, electronics, sporting goods, home appliances to soap and laundry detergent.


All items sold on the Black Market on behalf of the BAF will be sold at-cost to members. Items being sold by Black businesses will be sold at a discounted rate to BAF members in lieu of advertising fees for being listed on the Black Market.

Through the Black Market, Black businesses will have an opportunity to reach millions of customers eager to buy directly from them. Members will also have access to high quality goods at the lowest possible price delivered to their door anywhere in the country. 

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