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"Neither the Republican nor Democratic Party can do for the colored race what we can do for ourselves."

– Henry McNeal Turner



Under African leadership Black people created the most advanced civilization ever known to humanity - ancient Kemet, which you may know as ancient "Egypt." 

Under the Black Achievement Fund, we will absorb and develop a new era of Black leadership that will create the most advanced civilization ever known to humanity since ancient Kemet. 

By establishing a billion dollar-a-year budget, we will have the capital to employ the brightest minds in the Black world in every field of knowledge and every industry. Together we will build our own Wakanda right here in America!

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arkee jame's pic.jpg

Arkee Hodges, Founder, President, Board Member


Jesus Powell, Co-Founder, Board Member

KLF Pic Wheelhouse.jpg

Karen L. Freeman, Board Member

dr. ray hagin pic.jpeg

Dr. Tabitha Ball, Board Member

Dr. Ray Hagins, Board Member


The BAF will be fully transparent in all of its activities and operate according to federal law.  Through the completion of the required IRS Federal Form 990, the BAF will make public its financial records, principal programmatic activities and officers’ compensation package.


Furthermore, every year the BAF will produce an annual report available to BAF members that will highlight all of the organization’s yearly accomplishments and provide a listing of all the BAF assets as well as an audited financial statement from an independent accounting firm.  In addition, the BAF is open to answering all reasonable questions from its stakeholders, and will willingly provide information about the nature of its activities, including but not limited to governance, finance, program, and outcome measures upon request.

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