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Dr. Hagins is the Chief Elder & Spiritual Leader of The Afrikan Village and Cultural Center in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also a clinician, therapist, musician, and a pilot.

Dr. Hagins has attended and completed studies in various academic institutions such as: Montclair State University, Northeastern Bible College, Lighthouse Christian College and Trinity Theological Seminary and holds a doctorate (C.C.D.) in counseling and a Ph.D. with an emphasis in Cognitive Psychology.

His mission is to aid men, women and children in improving their quality of life by increasing their spirituality and God-consciousness resulting in self-awareness, self-reliance, self-worth, effectiveness and productivity. His methodology for achieving this goal is via lectures, workshops, seminars, study groups, conferences, literary works, the electronic media (radio, TV, and the Internet), audio and video tapes, etc.


Dr. Hagins is an advocate for developing strong communities through healthy, productive families and spends a great deal of time addressing marriage and family issues.


"I believe that the society of tomorrow will be built on the families of today. Unfortunately, the support systems traditionally provided by the extended family, churches and neighborhoods have weakened or disappeared for many of the members of our communities. Therefore, it is imperative that we invest in family enhancement and development if we are to survive the negative forces that have been strategically designed to eliminate the Black family unit. We must make a close and intense examination of the psycho-historical context of contemporary issues which impact on various inter- and intra-personal behavioral patterns of Afrikans today."


Dr. Hagins has traveled extensively ministering and lecturing at churches, conventions, seminars, workshops, colleges, and universities. His informative and dynamic presentations have caused him to be recognized as one of the most distinguished expositors of our time.


Some of Dr. Hagins accomplishments include:

  • Visiting Professor at Rutgers' University, William Paterson State University, and Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis (I.U.P.U.I.)

  • President & CEO of The Black Liberation Webcasting Network (

  • President of Missouri Chapter of Black Cops Against Police Brutality

  • Member of The Association Of Black Psychologists - ABPsi

  • Executive Director of The Institute For Spiritual & Cultural Awareness

  • Member of Black Pilots of America

  • Radio & TV Show Host

Dr. Hagins' hobbies include:

  • Researching Cultural Anthropology

  • Writing & Music Composition
    Audio & Video Production

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