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The BAF is proud to offer paid and unpaid internships to top college and high school students from around the country. The Black Achievement Fund's Internship Program offers a unique experience to be a part of a new nationwide movement for Black economic independence. All assignments are completed remotely and meetings are held virtually on Zoom. This is a highly selectively internship. We are seeking the most talented students with interests in the following areas:

  • Fall Events In New York (International African Arts Festival)
    July 1-4th 10am start time
    New York, 1 park ave, Brooklyn, New York, NY, 11205 USA

- Social media marketing and management
- Social media influencer

- Street team marketing and promotions
- Event planning
- Videography
- Photography
- Visual Arts
- Business/Entrepreneurship
- Graphic design
- Website development/management
- Journalism

Build your leadership skills and your resume, hone your talent or craft, and meet other bright students from across the country!

For more information please contact Arkee at

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Together We Rise!