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T-Shirt Design Contest

Thank you for participating in BAF's t-shirt design contest! We are seeking innovative t-shirt designs that capture the spirit of the BAF campaign. We are seeking designs for adult women and men as well as for the youth, boys and girls. T-shirt designs will be judged on two criteria: 1. creativity/originality and 2. commercial appeal.

Enter Contest

Thanks for submitting!


1. All designs must be original, meaning created by you!

2. All designs should be submitted in jpeg, gif, png, or pdf format. Any designs not submitted in one of these formats will be disqualified.

3. Designs can be black and white, one or two colors or full color.

4. Indicate if your t-shirt design is for men, women, youth (boys), youth (girls).

5. You may submit as many designs as you like!

6. Winners will be announced as they are named.


1. Winners will receive a $100 cash prize!

2. Winners will be featured on our website with their picture and their winning t-shirt design.

3. Winners will have their t-shirts actually printed and sold on the BAF's website!

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