Members Needed to Reach Our Goal!



“Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.
-Dr. Correta Scott King

Branch Address:

Langston, OK City Hall

222 S Tolson St. 

Langston, OK 73050

Branch President:

Mr. Derrick Smith


ph: 405-555-1234



General Branch Meetings:

Every Thursday, 7pm - 9pm

Executive Leadership Meetings:

Every Thursday, 6pm - 7pm

Social Media Marketing Committee Meetings:

Every Tuesday, 7pm - 8pm


BAF House Party

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Taft, Ok Community Center



The purpose of the Special Initiatives Department is to provide programs and services that do not fit in any of the other 11 department categories. The Special Initiatives Department will have a large focus on criminal justice reform, including programs and services for formerly incarcerated members and those with felony convictions seeking meaningful employment and social support services. Other programs and services from the Special Initiatives Department range from a disaster relief fund, a BAF television station, a young pilots program, as well as programs and services that strengthen the Black family, such as grants for date nights, free wedding services and more. 

Through the Special Initiatives Department, the BAF will have the flexibility and resources to develop new innovative programs and services that enhance Black life and provides solutions to seemingly intractable problems facing the Black community.

The 2019 Black Bikers Tour Through the 13 All-Black Towns In Oklahoma

On August 31, 2019 BAF OK Branch President Derrick Smith organized the 1st Oklahoma Black Bikers Tour. The purpose of the tour was to bring attention to and to help revitalize the 13 all-Black towns in Oklahoma.

The Black Achievement Fund participated in the tour and the city of Langston, OK graciously hosted our first Town Hall meeting inside Langston's City Hall. The BAF also sponsored a Biker and the Soul Food Museum.

The Black Achievement Fund

1700 Northside Drive 

Suite A7-730
Atlanta, GA 30318