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"Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve."

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

If you are looking to get more involved with the BAF Campaign, you've come to the right place! 

By getting more involved you will have an opportunity to:


  • Be an agent of change in your community through our local Campaign Branch community service projects.

  • Meet new friends who share our love of Black people and commitment to the Black community through BAF events.

  • Be a leader within the BAF Movement and help us reach our membership goal of 5,000 Founding Members by December 31, 2021!

There are five ways to get involved with the BAF Campaign: 1. Volunteer, 2. Become an Intern 3. Become An Official Campaign Ambassador, 4. Start A Campaign Branch or, 5. Join A Campaign Branch.



BAF Campaign Ambassadors

There are many opportunities to volunteer for the BAF campaign. There are no requirements for volunteering except a willingness to serve. Volunteers may volunteer as many times or as many hours as they like, there are no time commitments. Most of our volunteer opportunities come through our BAF Campaign Branches. To volunteer please complete the volunteer form below. You will be contacted by a BAF Campaign Branch leader in your state who will inform you of all volunteer opportunities within your state.



BAF Group pic BEST.JPG

The BAF is proud to offer internships to top college and high school students from around the country. We offer paid and unpaid internships and a unique experience to be a part of a new nationwide campaign movement for Black economic independence. We are seeking students with interests in the following areas:
- Social media marketing, management, and design
- Street team marketing and promotions
- Event planning
- Videography

- Photography

- Visual Arts
- Business/Entrepreneurship
- Graphic design
- Website development/management
- Journalism

Become an Aassador


Brittany BAF fist best 2.JPG

Become an official Campaign Ambassador!

If you are looking to hone your leadership skills and become a part of BAF Campaign leadership team, we invite you to become an Official BAF Campaign Ambassador.  In order to become a BAF Ambassador, you must:


  • Complete a 3-week online training program.

  • Pass an Ambassador Exam.

  • Complete an Ambassador Video.

As an official BAF Ambassador, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Engage with senior BAF leadership and other BAF Ambassadors regarding campaign strategy and implementation.

  • Become a part of Campaign Branch leadership within the BAF Campaign Branch in your state.

  • Serve on BAF strategy committees, which include, marketing and advertising, communications, events, youth outreach, and more.


Pat "PJ"Johnson - Pasadena, CA

Faith Bennett - Tallahassee/Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Johnique Bennett - Jacksonville, FL

Hope Owens-Henry - Tampa, FL

Natasha Stintson - Argentina, South AM/Fairburn GA

Raven Rawlings - Monticello, GA

Rhonda Sanders-Adams - Detroit, MI

Brian "Mussadiq"Thomas - Baltimore, MD

Cheryl Lane-Hepburn - Ashville, NC

Khem Irby - Greensboro, NC

David Washington - Las Vegas, NV

Latoya Legrand - Jamaica, NY

Deirdre Fields-Wilson - Rosedale, NY

Tafari Murray - Brooklyn, NY

Velverly Caldwell - Rochester, NY

Keisha Cooper - Queens, NY

Kenneth Battle - Charleston, SC

Start a Branch


BAF 4 female pic best.JPG

Start A Campaign Branch!

BAF’s Campaign Branches are the cornerstone of our national campaign. Our goal is to establish campaign branches for each state, as well as international branches! Through these branches the BAF seeks to create a grassroots movement to broadcast the BAF's solution for Black economic independence to the masses. 

To start a Campaign Branch you must: 1. Be a BAF member at least 16 years old, 2. Become an Official BAF Ambassador 3. four BAF Ambassadors to fill the following interim officer positions: 1. President, 2. Vice President, 3. Treasurer, and 4. Corporate Secretary, and 4. Complete the Campaign Branch Application.  

The four primary responsibilities of Campaign Branches are to:

  1. Organize Community Service Projects – Community service is one of the BAF's Guiding Principles. It demonstrates our commitment to our ideals, strengthens our communities and builds friendships. 

  2. Recruit New BAF Members – Our first major goal is to recruit our first 10,000 Founding Members!

  3. Organize Street Teams – Create street teams to promote the BAF campaign in local communities.

  4. Conduct Research – Provide research and conduct surveys that will help inform BAF program development and resource allocation. 

Start A Campaign Branch!
Join A Branch


If you are looking for a great way to become active in the BAF campaign - and your community, we encourage you to join one of our Campaign Branches below. You do not have to live in the city of the branch you would like to join, as our branch meetings are virtual. Our Branch leaders are waiting on you!!

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